Are you looking for a highly sensual, sexy and tantalizing Headshot or boudoir shot that not only brings out your natural beauty and sexiness, but also does so with taste and complete professionalism? Now’s your opportunity to get the boudoir shot that you’ve always dreamed and desired. Introducing Headshot and Boudoir Photography by Heinrich at the Miami Boudoir Studio located in beautiful Miami, Florida.

Portraits and Headshots

I have been the photographer for many famous people and models from a variety of fields. I can present your look in a way that will accomplish your goals and further your career. You will have inspired, spectacularly beautiful images you can use however you wish.

When we say portrait photographs, we refer to a picture of a person that focuses on the facial features and expression of the face. Portraits can be taken by almost anyone but only professional photographers can deliver the best quality at a constant rate.

From deliberate pose to candid shots, portraits are really interesting but quite a challenging task for photographers. The main goal of portraits is mainly aimed at capturing the personality and physical likeness that defines the subject.

A portrait photographer is the one who have the ability to capture all styles of photos especially the portrait one in the best possible way.  The portrait photographer must be capable enough to capture even the minute details and make it look more appealing. The portrait and pictures captured by the person should be breathtaking and must reflect his style of photography.

With such skilled and talented photographer, you can certainly enjoy variety of your photos in different styles, modern, elegant, contemporary etc. He should not only be able to create the stunning portrait photographs, but should be capable enough to fit it into the budget plan that you choose.

It is better to meet face-to-face and create a good chemistry. We will be spending most of the time till you give the best click for what you want. So make sure you enjoy spending time with us.


When the human body convey the impression of landscape, this is a great gift for the one you love, Heinrich uses his vast experience in boudoir photography to create super sexy boudoir shots in an intimate and private bedroom setting that not only will make you feel sensual and sexy, but completely comfortable as well. This is your opportunity to be your natural, sexy, and even naughty self, and to have this intimate moment captured forever in a beautiful and sensual portrait that you can cherish for a lifetime.

To put things simply, I specialize in capturing the true beauty of each woman I photograph. Your images will be tasteful and oh-so-sexy. These artistic nude or implied nude portraits will be perfect for capturing your present image for all time, as gifts for the people you love, or simply to enjoy yourself.

No Matter The Occasion, We Have You Covered (or Uncovered)…


Artistic nudes

Whatever the occasion is, whether it be a boudoir for your wedding or just that extra something “special” you want to give to your cherished loved one, then Boudoir Photography by Heinrich can not only meet your needs, but exceed them. The boudoir portrait is all about you. It gives you the opportunity to finally be free, no matter if want to be laced up in sexy and sultry lingerie, or you feel adventurous and want to be fully nude. Glamour portraits are all about representing your true feelings and desires in something that is sexy, yet tasteful and ultra sexy at the same time.